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Kamala Harris Attacked For Criticizing Columbus Day


PUBLISHED ON : OCTOBER 13, 2021 / 08:01 PM

Kamala Harris is being criticized as “anti-American’ after she made remarks addressing the “shameful past” of the country that was invaded by European settlers over 500 years ago.

During remarks at the National Congress of American Indians 78th Annual Convention on Tuesday in Portland to address the “shameful past” of European explorers, saying they “ushered in a wave of devastation” for Native Americans when they arrived.

“Since 1934, every October, the United States has recognized the voyage of the European explorers who first landed on the shores of the Americas,” Harris told the delegates. “But that is not the whole story. That has never been the whole story. Those explorers ushered in a wave of devastation for Tribal nations — perpetrating violence, stealing land, and spreading disease.”

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The vice president’s remarks came a day after Columbus Day, which is increasingly being replaced or celebrated alongside Indigenous Peoples’ Day – a celebration of America’s Native Americans past and current. On Monday, President Biden recognized the holiday for the first time ever at the federal level.

Many on Twitter labeled Vice President Harris’ degradation of genocide Native Americans as “un-American.” One wrote, “Kamala says (white?) Americans should be filled with shame and repent for racist settler history 400 years ago. SMDH. Dems must have decided they need more crime and division, other plans didnt work.” Another tweeted, “A Vice President of the United States that actually hates the United States. @KamalaHarris⁩: European explorers ‘ushered in a wave of devastation’”

Watch part of Kamala Harris’ speech below.

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