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Kaitlyn Bristowe Sets the Record Straight on Those Jason Tartick Breakup Rumors


Kaitlyn Bristowe Can’t Feel Dancing Pain Because She’s So Happy

Don’t believe the rumors: Kaitlyn Bristowe is not “single AF.” 

On Feb. 24, the former Bachelorette star took to her Instagram Story to clarify a photo she posted with her dogs Ramen and Pinot. The background included a mural of conversation hearts, one of which read “Single AF.” Apparently, some fans thought that Kaitlyn was hinting at a breakup with Jason Tartick, the Bachelor Nation alum who she has been dating since 2018

However, that’s not the case, Kaitlyn said in a series of videos on her Story. She told the camera, “So I posted a picture and in the background it said ‘Single AF’ and I didn’t even notice. So people thought it was hinting towards something, but it’s not. So then I put on my Stories that if you zoom out, it also says ‘Engaged AF,’ basically to say don’t take it seriously. So now people think I’m engaged, and they think I’m single.” 

Kaitlyn then turned to Jason, who was just off camera, to ask, “So, Jason, are we engaged?”

Jason answered “No,” and did the same when Kaitlyn asked if they had “broken up.”

When Kaitlyn asked if they were happy, however, the former banker gave a resounding “Yes,” before starting to sing “Happy Together” by the Turtles. 


While the two may not be heading for the altar just yet, Jason told E! News in 2019 that it’s very much in the works. “The next direction is getting engaged, getting married and having kids,” he explained. 

However, last year, Kaitlyn said that quarantining due to the coronavirus pandemic has slowed down their relationship timeline.

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