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Jazmine Sullivan Wants To Work With Megan Thee Stallion


Published 6 hours ago

Jazmine Sullivan is shooting her shot at Megan Thee Stallion.

Via Instagram, the legendary singer/songwriter tried to connect with the H-Town hottie after they both won big at the 2021 BET Awards last Sunday. Sullivan made it clear to Meg that she’s interested in a collab. 

“MEG LETS DO A SONGGGG,” Sullivan wrote. “I can’t dance, my knees are bad but I can sing sometimes! Lessgoo where my old knee heauxs at??”

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Megan is coming off of an incredible BET Awards, where she won four awards and rocked the stage for both a solo performance and one sharing the stage with DJ Khaled. Sullivan also had a big night, bringing down the house with a performance alongside Ari Lennox, and winning awards for Album of the Year and Female R&B/Pop Artist.

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images

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