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Jaime King Recalls Lena Dunham’s Support Through ‘Panic & Shame’ When Revealing PCOS Diagnosis


Jaime King is a ‘warrior,’ & her friend Lena Dunham reminded her of that as she ‘panicked’ before sharing her PCOS diagnosis with the world.

Ten years ago, women rarely spoke about their personal health woes publicly, especially those having to do with reproductive health. Today, stars like Jaime King, Lena Dunham, Julianne Hough, Chrissy Teigen and more have brought conversations about women’s health to the forefront and in doing so, ensured women know they have resources to help them through. However, when Jaime decided to go public with her PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and endometriosis diagnoses in 2014in, “no one was talking about it” and she was “so scared” to share her truth, the actress admitted on the HollywoodLife Podcast.

“I went to do the cover of People Magazine to talk about my journey, and a month before it came out, I was in a state of pure, pure panic,” Jaime recalled. “I actually called Lena Dunham, and was like, ‘I’m freaking out.’ And she said, ‘You have to be a warrior. You have to be a warrior because you’re speaking out and no one’s talking about this, and you’re so brave to do is this, just keep doing it for all of us. You have an army of women around you that are going to support you.’”

Jaime, who suffered 5 miscarriages before naturally conceiving and welcoming her son James in 2013, said she felt “ashamed” and concerned about public perception. “Women are taught that pretty much our only gift is like being able to bear children, whether that’s conscious or not conscious. It’s one thing we can do that men definitely can’t, and it’s like our number one job is to produce an ‘heir,’ and I was really afraid to speak out,” she said.

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