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Inside the Undying Fascination With Sharon Tate


Margot Robbie Wore Sharon Tate’s Jewelry On Set

“I don’t like that word starlet at all, because there’s no such thing, actually,” Sharon Tate said in 1966.

“I feel, at least in my estimation, that every person, if they want to be an actress or they want to stay in the acting world—which is a pretty tough world—before you even make an appearance, it’s very necessary to learn your craft first, and take as much time, and do as much as you can.”

At the time, she was a stunning up-and-comer who moved to Hollywood with big dreams, which she hoped were on the verge of panning out.

Three years later, she became more famous than anyone’s wildest ambitions—or worst nightmares—could have imagined.

The actress had a handful of B-movies, the most memorable being Valley of the Dolls, and some TV guest spots to her name when, at 26 years old and eight-and-a-half months pregnant, she was one of seven people murdered by members of Charles Manson‘s so-called “family” over the course of two nights of carnage that shook Hollywood.

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More than five decades later, Tate—who would have turned 80 on Jan. 24—remains frozen in time, the unwitting star of one of the most gripping, gruesome and parsed-over crime dramas to worm its way into the fabric of our culture. Her story has often been a footnote to Manson’s, however, her life a casualty all over again when weighed against the insane details of what he and his followers did.

A thorough portrayal of Tate’s life, in which she’s back to being the star of her own story, has yet to occur onscreen,

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