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Inside the Private World of Grey's Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo


Ellen Pompeo Hinting “Grey’s Anatomy” Could End This Year?!

Most devoted Grey’s Anatomy fans can rattle off any number of facts about the show’s title character Meredith Grey: Grew up the daughter of brilliant, but austere, surgeon Ellis Grey, married former boss Derek Shepherd on a Post-it Note, considers Cristina Yang as her person, almost died from a bomb explosion, hypothermia, a plane crash and a rogue gunman. 

But far less is known about the woman who deftly embodies her each week. If asked to name some details about Ellen Pompeo, your average viewer would probably know that she’s a mom (she and music producer husband Chris Ivery, 53, share daughters Stella, 11, and Sienna, 6, and 3-year-old son Eli) and that she brilliantly negotiated her way to becoming the highest-paid actress on a TV drama. Other than that, well…she seems pretty cool. 

It’s not so much that Pompeo—who turns 51 Nov. 10 just two days before Grey’s season 17 premiere—is some sort of enigma or the crazily secretive type. Rather when you become so successful at giving life to the same character for so long, it can be hard to determine where the dark and twisty surgeon ends and Pompeo herself begins. 

Because it’s not as if they have nothing in common. Like the Harper Avery Award-winning Meredith (or, should we say Catherine Fox Award-winning?), Pompeo knows a bit about being a badass. While to our knowledge she’s never performed an abdominal wall transplant or held a bomb in place with her finger, she did rightfully claim the salary she deserved and then literally told the story of how she did it in an effort to help other women get theirs. 

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