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Inside The Deep End: The Rise of Teal Swan and Her Controversial “Completion Process” Program


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Content warning: This story discusses suicide and sexual abuse.

Amid questions about her methods and accusations that she’s presiding over some sort of cult, spiritual healer Teal Swan presses on.

The mission of the 38-year-old’s burgeoning eponymous empire of online videos, books, “synchronization” workshops and merchandise remains, according to her website, “the transformation of human suffering to an empowered and authentic life,” which entails digging deep within to get at the root of that pain—even if it hurts.

Which is why her site also advises, “Teal Swan is not recommended for those who simply want to feel good.”

The author, artist and public speaker has a massive following, including 1.3 million YouTube subscribers, and she denies that she is in any way a cult leader. (Her “Ask Teal” videos also open with the disclaimer that she is not a medical professional, nor should her content be taken for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.) But her approach to curing what ails you has attracted its share of scrutiny nonetheless.

Shot over several years, the four-part Freeform docuseries The Deep End, which premiered in May and is streaming on Hulu, examined both sides of the coin: the devoted community Teal has built around her, buoyed by people who have nothing but faith in her abilities and how she wields them—and also the various criticisms and the results of a private investigator’s quest to find out if Teal is doing more harm than good.


When contacted for comment, a rep for Teal directed E! News to the videos she made last month reacting to each episode.

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