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Ian Somerhalder Recalls Actor Who Tried to “Psych Me Out” During Final Vampire Diaries Audition


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According to Ian Somerhalder, Damon Salvatore came close to having a very different vibe.

The 42-year-old The Vampire Diaries star visited Watch What Happens Live on Thursday, June 24. During the episode, it came out that a fan had heard a story about another prominent performer coming close to landing Ian’s role on the popular series, and she wanted to hear the truth. 

Host Andy Cohen explained, “She heard that it was between you and another big-name actor for your role in Vampire Diaries, so she wants to know, do you know who you were up against?”

After taking a thoughtful pause, Ian opened up about a seemingly tense situation involving his competition. “In the last test of the show, there was a guy who showed up, and he was just trying to play super cool and kind of like psych me out in the room, and I just shut it down, and I said, ‘No way, man—this is my role,'” the Lost alum recalled. “And I went in there and just made it happen.”

When Andy asked if Ian knew who the other person was, or if the general public would be familiar with his name, the star replied, “You may know. I honestly don’t remember his name.”

Ian then added, “He was just super handsome and very different. He was a super handsome dude, but he was like a blonde, blue-eyed—just very different sort of look [and] world.”

Check out Ian’s passionate response in the above clip.

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