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How Bella Hadid Honored “Best Sister” Gigi Hadid on Her 27th Birthday

Gigi Hadid’s Daughter Proves She’s Already a Fashionista!

Sisterly love.

Bella Hadid took to social media to wish Gigi Hadid a very happy 27th birthday, calling the supermodel the “best sister.”

“Thank you for being born so that I could be born that was very sweet of u,” Bella wrote on Instagram April 23. “Thank you for being the best sister, mom, daughter, human bean ever. You teach me something new everyday and sometimes I just smile because I feel so lucky to be your baby sister.”

She added, “I’m sitting next to you right now so don’t make it weird when you read this. I love you.”

Along with the heartwarming message, Bella, 25, included a carousel of photos of the tight-knit sisters, including several snaps from when they were kids and others at various modeling jobs as adults.

Gigi’s dad Mohamed Hadid also posted a special tribute to her on Instagram, sharing a throwback photo of the future fashionista as baby, alongside her older half sister Alana Hadid.

Alana reposted the same photo on her own Instagram, calling her little sister her “sweet little angel.”

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“I already sang you a horrible rendition of happy birthday and told you my wish from my heart,” the 36-year-old wrote. “I feel extra nostalgic this year maybe because it’s the first year in a long time I haven’t been with you on your birthday. It’s so amazing to watch you grow up, to see you flourish, to be there with you and for you. I am just so proud of you and you will always be that tiny squishy sweet baby I loved to hold,

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