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Hitman Holla Posts Video Of His Girlfriend

Hitman Holla’s girlfriend, Cinnamon, was shot in the face during a burglary and is currently hospitalized. However, she appears to be recovering and the rapper is thanking his fans for support. 

The 33-year-old posted a video of Cinnamon walking without a walker for the first time since the shooting. He also revealed she has been on bed rest, has a broken neck and the bullet traveled “in and out of her head.”

The video shows Cinnamon slowly walking with a nurse by her sidel, see below: 

On Oct.13, the rapper revealed on Instagram the burglary occurred while he was on FaceTime with Cinnamon, writing, “Imagine being on FaceTime while ya girl while being outta town & shes telling u it’s ppl in the house at 1 in the morning so coaching her on what to do 1000 miles away. She showed courage & let off shots defending her home .. I’m so proud of how she was so brave.”

Cinnamon spoke out about the incident on her own Instagram, writing, “I never knew I was this strong until now! Thank you to my amazing support system because I honestly wouldn’t know what to do in a time like this. I’ve never been so afraid in my life man, but I was covered by the blood of Jesus!”

There are no other details about the shooting at this time and it’s not known if authorities are investigating. 

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