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Hailee Steinfeld Teases Billy Eichner's “Electric” and Pivotal Dickinson Performance


Hailee Steinfeld Feels “Bittersweet” With “Dickinson” Ending

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Dickinson is finding the good in goodbye with its final season.

Yes, the country is in the midst of a Civil War, a tragic moment in history that showrunner Alena Smith has been building up to for the past two seasons, but this season is (opposed to the war) not all bad for the Dickinson family.

In fact, Emily Dickinson (Hailee Steinfeld) is growing more sure of the person she wants to be, and Billy Eichner’s character, Walt Whitman, is to thank for this pivotal change in the protagonist.

As Hailee told E! News in a recent interview, Walt comes into Emily’s life and helps her have her “coming out moment” at a secret gay bar in New York City. According to the actress, “His character is what brings Emily to this moment and brings it out of her.”

Without divulging too much about the episode, titled “This is my letter to the world,” Hailee simply said that Billy’s scenes are not to be missed, describing his work as “such an electric and emotional performance.”

Alena agreed, teasing, “It was just such a wild ride and I can’t imagine anyone better at leading us on that journey than Billy.”

And though this happens during a period of mourning and war, Hailee said that Dickinson is proof there’s hope even when it seems there is none, saying, “I just love the fact that during the Civil War, a time that happened to be her most productive time as a writer—it’s so fascinating to me that she was so moved by what was going on and was able to speak about it.”

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The True Grit actress added that the show has a “lot of parallels” with the current state of the country, 

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