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Grey's Anatomy's Addison Meets Meredith and Derek's Kids in Kate Walsh's Emotional Return


Kate Walsh Returns to “Grey’s Anatomy” & Addresses BTS Rumors

Kate Walsh‘s highly anticipated return to Grey’s Anatomy had all the emotional highs and lows fans were expecting. 

On the ABC medical drama’s Thursday, Oct. 14 episode, Addison Montgomery was back at Grey Sloan Memorial, marking Kate’s reappearance after leaving as a series regular at the end of season three. 

The big reunion with Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) came quickly, with Addison telling Richard (James Pickens Jr.) once the hospital’s air filtration system went out, “Get me Meredith Grey.” 

After Addison and Meredith teamed up for a successful transplant surgery, they were in an elevator together when the neonatal surgeon tearfully broke down over her grief from the loss of ex-husband Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey). 

“I thought coming back here—to Seattle, to Grey Sloan—that he’d be here, that I would be able to feel that he was still here in the city that he loved, with the people he loved, but he isn’t,” Addison lamented. “And it’s real—he’s not here.” 

This led Meredith to comfortingly reply, “Addison, he is here, and he’s in his children, and they are very real. And I would love for you to come and meet them.” 

ABC/Eric McCandless

Toward the end of the episode, Addison got to enjoy some ice cream with youngsters Zola and Bailey as Ellis rested upstairs. After introducing herself as their dad’s friend, she explained, “I’m Addison, but he called me Addie.” 

Later, she adorably told the kids, “Guess what? I’m falling more in love with you every second.”  

Following the episode, Kate took to social media to acknowledge its heartfelt moments.

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