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Grab a Plate and Feast on the 2021 Pop Culture Moments We're Most Thankful For


Pop Culture We're Thankful For This Year, 2021CBS; NBC; HBO; Getty Images; Shutterstock; Disney+; E! Illustration

According to Starbucks and gift guides, the holidays are here.

But fear not, in reality it is still only November—though Thursday is Thanksgiving and why are you reading this, don’t you have cooking to do and a table to set and a list of acceptable discussion topics to make?!

However, if you’re busy taking a well-deserved break, then you’ve come to the right place. Because this is the time when we all look back on the year that’s somehow already barreling to a close and take stock of where we (and our favorite celebrity couples, the TV shows we love, etc.) are at, and ideally stir up some rather fond memories.

And because Thanksgiving has the appropriate action built right into the name, we’ve been thinking extra hard about what went down in the world of pop culture in 2021, whether it was in days of yore (i.e. January) or in July or just last week, that we couldn’t be more thankful for.

It turned into quite the spread, with EOL staffers bringing their picks potluck-style to the table. Some committed wholeheartedly to a single dish while others brought all their favorites.

“Daily Pop” 2021 Best Guest Holiday Gift Guide

So whether you too savored these very same things, forgot they happened (this year, or at all) or think we’re out of our gourds, please enjoy sharing this feast of moments we’re thankful for in 2021.

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