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Gisele Opens Up About Struggling With Panic Attacks, Anxiety, & A ‘Vicious Cycle Of Worry’


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September 9, 2020 11:40AM EDT

Gisele Bündchen got very candid in her latest Instagram post, where she opened up about her mental health and how she ‘sought help’ for her ‘all-consuming’ anxiety and panic attacks.

Gisele Bündchen is using her wide-reaching platform to shed light on a topic that is so important. The stunning model and mother, 40, took to Instagram on September 9th and opened up about how she has been struggling with her mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gisele spoke from the heart, captioning a sweet photo that featured her cozying-up to her four-legged friend in complete peace and tranquility.

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From my own experience I learned that nothing is permanent. Sometimes a gentle reminder that the bad feelings will eventually go away can work like a beacon of hope. Anxiety can feel all-consuming, and sometimes we need a supportive push to help break us out of our vicious cycle of worry. My own panic attacks were difficult for me, and I sought help. In moments like these, family, friends and specialists can help, and so can breathing and meditation tools. The most important thing is to move away from inertia and look for alternatives. Life is our greatest gift—and every day is worth it. ✨💛 Por experiência própria, aprendi que nada é permanente. Às vezes, esse simples lembrete de que os sentimentos ruins irão eventualmente passar pode funcionar como um farol de esperança. A ansiedade pode nos consumir e, às vezes, precisamos de um empurrãozinho para nos ajudar a sair de nosso círculo vicioso de preocupação. Lidar com meus ataques de pânico foi desafiador para mim e procurei ajuda. Em momentos como este,

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