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Georgia Man Seen Abusing Teen Daughter In IG Video


Published 14 hours ago

Social media sounded an alarm bell about the safety of a Georgia teen seen on Instagram Live being abused by her father and stepmother.

In the unnerving video, the two attack the girl, identified as Trinity, in a garage. She gets slapped during their questioning. Trinity escapes for a brief moment before her father pursues and captures her – dragging the girl back into the garage. At one point, he pins her to the ground and sits on her chest.

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Here’s a link to the disturbing video, which is difficult to watch.

The Shade Room said it interviewed one of Trinity’s friends who is trying to find the teen and alert authorities.

Social media users identified the father as Andrew Eugene Anderson.

In a separate video, Anderson defended the abuse as discipline for his daughter running away and lying.

“What you’re looking at is a concerned father,” he said, claiming that Trinity went to “some random stranger’s house to smoke some weed.”

Photos from videos by Andrew Eugene Anderson via Instagram.

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