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Gabrielle Union Falls Victim to Celebrity Nude Photo Leaks

Say it isn’t so! Of the newest celebs in this hacking scandal, Gabrielle Union falls victim to celebrity nude photo leaks. In the past several weeks various celebs such as Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton have been targeted, hacked and exposed with nude photos and sex tapes being leaked online by unknown sources.
Now, why are these stars being targeted? There hasn’t been a definitive answer for that, however, this is not the first time Hollywood stars have been plagued by the stunts pulled by these online hackers– And from the looks of it, this is not going to be the last.
Former Disney Channel star Vanessa Hudgens and ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star Kim Kardashian, are allegedly under fire– yet again, with newly leaked photos of women that appear to be them, yet these allegations have yet to be confirmed. Although they were previously caught in a whirlwind of tabloid drama, they were able to bounce back and continue their flourishing careers, but will things be the same the second time around?
Surely everyone can agree that those who are hacking and leaking these personal photos are in the wrong, but American Idol runner-up and current Democratic congressional candidate, Clay Aiken, had a bit more to say in his interview with The Washington Post about the latest celebrity hacking scandal– aside from the hackers needing to be “hogtied”. “Anybody who takes inappropriate pictures of themselves deserves exactly what they get,” Aiken expressed. Aiken continues on to say, “And it’s unfortunate that we don’t have internet security right now or the laws in place to protect people from pirating that stuff.”
Hopefully celebs will be more weary of snapping that sexy photo for their significant other because privacy these days is obviously at an all time low.
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