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Euphoria's Latest Has Us Wishing for Just One Calm Episode


“Euphoria” Star Maude Apatow Shares Her BAD BOY Confession

At this point, Sam Levinson is just messing with us.

Episode four of season two of HBO’s Euphoria was just as stressful as any other, if not more. It seemed like everyone was drunk and on the brink of destroying their lives in the blink of an eye.

The episode opens with Jules (Hunter Schafer) going down on Rue (Zendaya), likely as an effort to validate their romance after Elliot (Dominic Fike) previously questioned their sexual chemistry. But Elliot may be onto something. Rue delivers one of the fakest orgasms known to man and half-heartedly moans, “I think I’m coming,” unable to actually finish since she is high.

Jules later brings up the lackluster sex to Elliot, who takes advantage of her vulnerability and makes his move. Unsurprisingly, they begin kissing but are interrupted when Rue shows up.

Now that Elliot has feelings for Jules though, he starts to feel guilty about getting high with Rue, who is very clearly out of her mind.

But apparently, it’s not so obvious for Jules to notice. So far, she’s still under the illusion that Rue is only smoking pot, which puts Elliot in an uncomfortable position. He feels obligated to tell her after Rue starts drinking with them—even though she’s on narcotics.

Scenes of the trio drinking in a car are intercut with shots of Cal (Eric Dane) drunkenly weaving in and out of lanes in his white Jeep. These moments alternate with increasing tension, making us brace for an inevitable crash—which doesn’t happen because this is only episode four and HBO promised viewers 10 episodes.

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