Netflix Spring Premieres To Watch

Netflix has taken us all by storm and there is undeniably an obsession with the online streaming service. With amazingly successful series such as Orange is the New Black, Netflix never ceases to surprise us all. We plan our lives around binge-watching our favorite shows and anxiously await the release dates of a fresh new season. Wondering what brilliance Netflix will come up with next? Well, look no further. Here is a list of all of the Netflix original series you should definitely check out!

Love: February 19
Love is a relationship comedy starring Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust, which is described as a “down-to-earth look at dating.” It examines both the male and female perspectives on romantic relationships.
Fuller House: February 26
Fuller House is a sitcom and sequel to the one and only Full House, which ran from 1987 through 1995. Most of the cast members from the original Full House will be returning for their roles, except for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.
House of Cards: March 4
In case you haven’t heard of it already, House of Cards is a cutting-edge political drama now in its fourth season. Based in Washington D.C., the show follows Kevin Spacey, who plays a manipulative and powerful political figure whose actions and words shock us again and again.
Flaked: March 11
Starring Will Arnett, Flaked is a comedy set in Venice, California that follows a self-help guru, who ironically needs an exceptional amount of help himself.
Daredevil: March 18
The second season of Daredevil is finally here! Daredevil is based on the Marvel Comics character, which follows the blind lawyer by day and crime fighter at night. The series stars Charlie Cox as Matt/Daredevil, and it’s a must-watch for Marvel fans
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: April 15
Kimmy Schmidt, played by Ellie Kemper, is a wide-eyed enthusiastic woman taking on New York and trying to reclaim her life after being rescued from a cult. After meeting an unlikely friend named Titus, they push each other to never give up and handle anything life throws at them together.
Marseille: May 5
Marseille is the first French original production on Netflix starring Gerard Depardieu. It follows the life of a mayor who is confronted with an election against his former ally.
Grace and Frankie: May 6
Grace and Frankie have always been rivals—until they find out that their husbands have fallen in love with each other! In this comedy starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, the two women have to depend on each other to keep from falling apart.
Orange is the New Black: June 17
The women of Litchfield will be back on our screens before we know it. There will be new faces—two of the stars have been promoted to be regulars on the series—and Alex probably isn’t dead, although we probably could have guessed that. I can barely contain my excitement!
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