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Cop Charged In George Floyd's Killing Had Criminal Record


Published 7 hours ago

Thomas Lane, one of the three police officers charged with aiding and abetting fellow officer Derek Chauvin in George Floyd’s killing, was only on his fourth day on the job as a Minneapolis police officer when the incident occurred. Now, more information is available about his prior criminal record.

Lane had accumulated several criminal charges over the past two decades, according to The Daily Beast. In 2001, he was reportedly convicted of one count of obstructing the legal process and one count of damaging property. In March 2007, he was found guilty in response to a noise complaint, according to the report. The rest were traffic violations. He faced more than a dozen charges in total. Lane was fired over his involvement in Floyd’s death after just four days on the job.

Lane’s personal file was released by the Minneapolis Police Department, “but with many sections redacted.”

Charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter, Lane faces 40 years in jail if convicted.

Photo: Hennepin County Sheriff

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