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Celebrity Couples Like Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet Whose Long Relationships Ended in Short Marriages


Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet Split After 4 Years of Marriage

In 2005, Jason Momoa‘s teenage dream came true.

He finally came face to face with Lisa Bonet, his Cosby Show crush, at a jazz club in Hollywood, after which they bonded over grits and pints of Guinness at the 101 Coffee Shop. “And, you know, the rest is history,” Momoa told James Corden, regaling the Late Late Show audience with his “anything is f–king possible” love story several years ago.

Already the parents of two kids together, daughter Lola and son Nakoa-Wolf joining Zoë Kravitz—Bonet’s daughter with first husband Lenny Kravitz—in the family fold, the couple opted to marry in October 2017.

“I never thought I would but…I plan on being with her for the rest of my life,” Momoa told E! News that December at the Justice League premiere, Bonet by his side. “But it’s just that moment where,” he made a gesture indicating he was taking it up a notch, “let’s go to the next level. ‘I’ll be here your whole life.'”

Alas, now their relationship really is history (as is the 101 Coffee Shop, which closed after 20 years in 2021, another COVID-19 pandemic casualty).

Momoa and Bonet revealed in a Jan. 12 joint statement he posted on Instagram that they were “parting ways in marriage“—not due to any dearth of love, they assured, but because they were freeing each other “to be who we are learning to become…Our devotion unwavering to this sacred life & our Children.”

All told, they’d been a couple for 16 years, Bonet telling Porter in 2018 that,

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