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Cardi B and Offset’s Relationship Timeline: Marriage, Divorce & Beyond


Cardi B and Offset’s relationship has experienced its fair share of ups and downs since the two first met in 2016. Take a look back at the couple’s sweetest moments with a full timeline of their love!

A secret wedding, a cheating scandal, a baby and some of the hottest hip hop collaborations in music. — That’s a small summary of Cardi B and Offset‘s whirlwind relationship, but there’s much more to unpack. The rap couple, whose unconventional romance began sometime in 2017, quickly captured the hearts of fans everywhere. From their PDA-filled date nights, which usually include seafood and Corona’s (if Cardi’s ordering), to their steamy stage performances — their  love is truly one of a kind.

Although, that doesn’t mean that Cardi and Offset’s relationship hasn’t been tested on a number of occasions. Like other ordinary couples, they’ve dealt with highs, lows, infidelities, reconciliations and even a divorce filing — yet, they’ve come out on top and as a united front through it all. What separates them from the aforementioned ‘other couples’ is the fact that Cardi and Offset’s business, both good and bad, is dissected under a spotlight due to their celebrity.

As Cardi and Offset continue to navigate life together, travel back to the beginning — before they welcomed daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus; before Cardi won her first Grammy; before Offset’s public proposal and more! Here’s a full timeline of the couple’s unique romance:

Who is Offset?  

Offset (née Kiari Kendrell Cephus) is an American rapper and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. He’s best known for being 1/3 of the hip hop trio Migos, which includes his cousins Quavo and Takeoff. In addition to his music ventures, Offset has appeared in a few television series’,

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