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Bob Newhart’s Children: Everything To Know About The 92 Year Old Star’s 4 Kids


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January 22, 2022 1:31AM EST

Bob Newhart is an Emmy winner and film & TV icon, but he’s also the proud father of 4 amazing children! Find out more about them here.

Bob Newhart, 92, is an American actor and comedian who’s accomplished more in his epic career than most people in the business can say. In addition to his incredibly popular program The Bob Newhart Show which became a hit in the ’70s, the Oak Park, Illinois native has appeared in countless shows and films as a beloved figure, finally winning an Emmy in 2013 for his character Professor Proton on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

In addition to his successful, longstanding career, Bob also has a decades-long romance with his wife, Virginia Quinn, or “Ginny” with whom he was set up on a blind date by Buddy Hackett. “[Buddy said], ‘I’ve got a girl for you. She’s going with another guy, but I don’t think he’s right for her, so I’m going to fix you up on a blind date,’” the Elf star told People in 2019. “‘You’ll meet her, and you’ll date and you’ll get married. Then you’ll have kids, and you’ll call one of the kids, Buddy.’”

Well the two did end up getting married (in 1963) and having kids — four kids, to be exact. The pair share Robert, Timothy, Jennifer, and Courtney together, as well as 10 grandchildren! “I’ve always said: “I don’t care how successful you’ve been in this business, if you haven’t had a good family life, what have you really achieved? Not an awful lot,” Bob told Guideposts.

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