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Beyoncé Rocks Fishnets, Daisy Dukes, Metal Dress & More Looks in ‘I’m That Girl’ Music Video Teaser


Beyoncé gave her fans a taste of what’s coming next as part of her Renaissance. On Friday (Aug. 12), Beyoncé, 40, shared the “official teaser” to “I’M THAT GIRL,” presumably the music video for the first track on her new album. At the beginning of the visual, Bey is a domestic goddess who is one part Barbarella, one part Rosie from The Jetsons, and all queen. While wearing a chrome body piece with matching silver boots, Beyonce poses throughout a darkened home – first in the closet, then in the bedroom, before going to a kitchen where she cracks an egg off her metal outfit (while drinking a glass of wine.)

Beyonce/Vevo Beyonce/Vevo

However, this take on The Stepford Wives gives way to a whole new dream. As Bey walks out the front door, her outfit shifts. Suddenly, she’s in a club in a black gown with metal embellishments. Then, she’s outside in a midriff-bearing half-shirt and a pair of dotted booty shorts. Then, she’s on a bar in a pair of fishnet stockings and a black bodice. A horse, presumably the one from the Renaissance cover art, appears, and Bey serenades it while going into “I’m That Girl.” The teaser also showcased a gun outfitted with a mic at the end, adding a little bit more danger and sexiness to this tease.

Beyonce/Vevo Beyonce/Vevo

Somewhere in this fashion show, a montage plays (around the 0:38 mark), showing Bey in a series of looks – messy hair and a red robe, zebra-striped sunglasses and a furry-sleeved dress, the hat from the “Break My Soul” cover art,

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