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Bachelorette Katie Thurston Explains Why Kissing “Connor the Cat” Was the Most Painful Moment to Rewatch


“Bachelorette” Katie Thurston Tells Which Guy Stood Out Night One

The Bachelorette star Katie Thurston is dishing about her premiere episode, and let’s just say the cat definitely does not have her tongue. 

During her visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, June 7 following the launch of her season earlier that evening, host Jimmy Kimmel asked what it was like to watch her first episode as the lead. 

The 30-year-old standout from Matt James‘ season of The Bachelor shared that she watched the premiere by herself. In explaining why it felt uncomfortable to watch, Katie said, “I’ve never seen myself make out with so many guys.” 

Jimmy followed up by asking which moment from the episode made her “skin crawl the most,” and as it turned out, it wasn’t exploring Jeff’s RV, although she did get to that soon enough. 

Instead, her response was, “Kissing the cat,” a reference to Conor Brennan, a contestant who showed up in a feline costume, given that Katie is such a cat lover. During the premiere, the pair enjoyed a steamy make-out session that led to the Bachelorette getting his cat-nose makeup all over her own face. 

Jimmy guessed that Katie chose this moment because she “really got in there,” to which she simply replied with a laugh, “I did.” When the host said he’s never watched video of himself kissing someone, she informed him, “You never want to.” 

Katie said just as much to E! News during our exclusive interview with her from earlier in the day. “I can’t watch it with my family or my friends, seeing myself make out with all these guys,” she admitted to us.

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