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‘And Just Like That’ Recap: Miranda & Che Heat Up & Carrie Reaches Out To Samantha


Miranda and Che’s relationship took a dramatic (and very steamy) turn during the December 29 episode of ‘And Just Like That.’ Plus, Carrie admitted that she misses Samantha.

Carrie brings Seema to her beloved apartment, and we get a glimpse into the always hidden entryway. Carrie grabs an umbrella to use as a cane as she walks up the stairs because her lower back has been bothering her. Carrie thinks it’s a “completely common senior condition,” but Seema puts a quick call into her doctor cousin.

Carrie thinks she has arthritis, but Dr. Patel tells her that she actually has an undiagnosed congenital birth defect in her hip. Thankfully, this can be fixed surgically.

Sarah Jessica ParkerSarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw. (HBO Max) Rose Is Now Rock

Anthony has his first solo lunch post-Stanford with the girls. Carrie explains about the surgery, and Charlotte has a schedule that maps out who will take care of Carrie and when. At one point during lunch, Miranda wants to get champagne. Charlotte gives her a look and thinks it’s way too early for alcohol.

After an awkward moment with the school moms on Zoom, LTW tells Charlotte that Rose has told everyone at school to call them Rock from now on. Charlotte is blindsided. She goes to confront Rock about their new name. Rock says they did reveal their new name — on TikTok. Rock admits that they no longer feel like Rose. “I feel like Rock,” they say. The teachers and students have already adapted, and Charlotte and Harry have to quickly play catch-up.

Later, Harry and Charlotte have a parent-teacher conference about Rock. The teachers are very supportive of Rock’s decision and recommend therapy and counseling.

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