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Alec Baldwin Had the Perfect Reaction to Being Credited for “Saving” Fan's Relationship

Alec Baldwin & Hilaria Baldwin Renewing Their Marriage Vows?

Alec Baldwinaward-winning actor, husband, father of six and, apparently, expert fight diffuser for couples. 

Such was the case for one couple the actor came across in New York City a few years ago. As the story that was shared anonymously on @OverheardCelebs went, a now-married pair was fighting in Washington Square Park when they unexpectedly crossed paths with the Saturday Night Live actor

“It was getting pretty heated, and my boyfriend at the time raised his voice and said something that sounded very final,” the person recalled to the Instagram account. “My face was in my hands, but all of a sudden I hear him say, ‘Hi, how are you?’ in a very cheerful voice. I looked up, wiped my tears away, and turned around to see Alec Baldwin (and his two dogs) standing behind us.”

The unnamed person described how the actor and their boyfriend went on to have a brief chat. “After a few minutes, we said our goodbyes and sat there in disbelief,” the post read. “Alec Baldwin casually striking up a conversation calmed the moment and effectively saved our relationship. To this day, I believe that he heard us fighting and decided to intervene to help smooth things over. If you ever read this, Alec, thank you.”

Well as fate—and the powers of social media—would have it, Baldwin did read it…and commented with just the kind of reaction you’d expect from the comedic star. 

As he simply quipped, “My fees are very reasonable…”

While it’s nearly impossible to be an expert on marriage, Baldwin has had some experience thanks to his seven years being married to his ex,

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