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25 Secrets About Santa Clause You'll Enjoy–Even If You're Lactose Intolerant


Tim Allen’s “The Santa Clause”: Live From E! Rewind

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

And to help you get even more into the festive spirit, we’re looking back on one of our favorite holiday movies: The Santa Clause

Since its release in 1994, The Santa Clause has been an instant classic. However, what most people don’t know is that the film almost didn’t star Tim Allen. At the time, producers were hesitant he could lead a box office movie since he was mainly known for his hit television series, Home Improvement. But could you imagine the film with Mel GibsonBill Murray or any other actor?

What’s more? Back in 2018, he revealed during an appearance on The Tonight Show that the original script wasn’t as light-hearted. Instead, he claimed it featured a dark storyline, one in which Santa Claus was involved in a violent death. Yes, you read that right. Not exactly the Kris Kringle you know and love.

We’re just scratching the surface about the Disney classic. So before you snuggle up in your favorite ugly holiday sweater and warm up some hot chocolate to rewatch The Santa Clause, read through the film’s 25 secrets below…


1. The original name of the movie was Such a Clatter.

2. Other actors considered for the role of Scott Calvin/Santa Claus were major stars like Tom Hanks and Mel Gibson, according to an interview first-time film director John Pasquin gave on the Grunt Work podcast. 

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