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25 Families Salute Their Dads Serving as Essential Workers During the Coronavirus


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Let’s hear it for the dads!

There’s no question that this Father’s Day will look quite different for many families. With the Coronavirus still impacting the country, families have had to adjust their celebrations with smaller gatherings, social distancing and more.

But as dads feel the love from their sons and daughters this Sunday, E! News is taking the time to recognize just some of the many impressive fathers who have also served as essential workers during the pandemic.

From doctors and nurses on the front lines to grocery store managers who never closed their stores, many employees faced new challenges in the workforce. But through it all, they also made family and parenting a priority. 

Just ask UPS driver Steve Shannon who has had more stops than ever before thanks to online shoppers. But one afternoon, the proud dad safely enjoyed a unique meal with his kids.

“The wife had an appointment for the baby and the kids couldn’t come in because of #Coronavirus so I took my lunch break to hang with them,” the Florida resident shared on Instagram. “It’s been raining all day so an outside picnic was out of the question. Got permission to set up shop in the back of my @ups truck.” 

Steve is just one of the many dads we wanted to spotlight for their dedication.

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And while highlighting every father and essential job is impossible, we certainly scanned the country and found some hard-working men to recognize on this holiday.

Get inspired with their stories in our gallery below. And yes,

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