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7 Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Single Fathers

7 Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Single Fathers

Today we want to share 7 Hollywood celebrities who are single fathers. We often hear about single moms raising their children on their own. Though, we don’t give single dads as many praises. Turns out, Hollywood is full of single dads who deserve our attention. So many celebrities due to different circumstances became single dads and now raise their children on their own. 

Liam Neeson

In very tragic events, Liam Neeson lost his wife in 2009. On the bright side, Liam has two grown sons, Micheál and Daniel to support him. Of course, Liam wasn’t a single dad for most of their childhood or most of their youth. but good parenting doesn’t end there. Being a dad is still a full-time job, and adult children have a lot ahead of them to make their parents worried, excited, and happy. Now, he needs to show double love, affection, and inspiration to his sons. 

Jamie Foxx

Somehow, it can be a bit difficult to imagine Jamie Foxx in the role of a dad. Not because he doesn’t look like a dad material. It’s just he looks way too young to have an adult daughter. Though, the truth is, Foxx had two daughters. Annalise is 10, and Corinne is 26 years old! He’s very vocal about his love and pride for his daughters. Though, no words are needed here. Jamie’s actions and endless stories about him and his daughters tell us everything we need to know. Besides, both of his daughters have been his most frequent dates at major public events, like the Grammy’s and the Oscars.

Tom Cruise

Celebrities Who Are Single FathersWhen Tom Cruise’s marriage with Nicole Kidman was over, he fought to receive full custody over their two adopted children. As a result, Cruise became a single dad to Isabella Jane Kidman Cruise and Connor Antony Cruise. It’s reported that Nicole has had very little presence in their lives since then. The children were homeschooled and by this day make rare appearances in public. You can get familiar with how children are raised in Scientology by ordering research, right after reading an essayservice review

Cristiano Ronaldo

Of course, who doesn’t remember the loud story about Cristiano Ronaldo and the secret mother of his son that took place… about ten years ago? The time flies. Cristiano Ronaldo, Jr. is ten years old now. Though, neither he nor the rest of the world knows the real identity of his mother. Ronaldo didn’t give a second thought to taking full custody of his son and raised him single-handedly. We bet little Ronaldo Jr must be the best soccer player in his neighborhood.


Now, here’s the story to touch you. Turns out the famous rapper raises four children on his own. He is a biological father to two of them, with the two other children being his niece and nephew. When Nelly’s sister tragically passed away, he took custody of her children and became a proud father of four kids. Nelly also supports schools in disadvantaged communities. Nelly is also an advocate for education. These domyessay reviews also advocate for high-quality education, check them out. 


Celebrities Who Are Single FathersUsher received full custody of his two children. Since Usher’s divorce, his two sons live with him, though a battle for such a happy life was devastating and lasted for three years. Even since the divorce, Usher’s ex-wife, Tameka, returned to the court several times to argue for sole custody. However, it seems that recently they have reached a long-lasting peaceful agreement. After all, it is hard to argue what a great dad Usher is to his sons. 

Ricky Martin

Back in 2008, Ricky Martin became a dad of twin boys. Since that day his life has changed. He’s been the perfect example of a perfect dad. He travels only with his boys, loves sharing his secrets of successful parenting in every interview. He says that he doesn’t know any different parenting than single parenting, and that’s okay. After all, so many kinds are resided by a single parent everywhere. It doesn’t mean that these kids are lonely or sad. Besides, having Ricky Martin for a father must be a real treat. 

Rick Moranis

Rick Moranis’ career in Hollywood was on a rise when his wife suddenly died leaving him with two children. The star of successful (now iconic) comedies didn’t hesitate. He quit his work altogether to stay at home and take care of his children. He explained such a controversial, according to Hollywood standards, decision very simply. As he said, raising two children is not easy, they deserve a lot of attention, which is incompatible with being an actor. He simply didn’t want to miss out on anything. It was such an honorable thing to do for his family. Now, Moranis is making a comeback into the world of cinema, and we more than welcome him! You can order a paper on classics comedies of the 1990s if you want to learn more but read college-paper.org reviews first.

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