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You know that saying “when words fail, music speaks”? Well, I think when words fail, you should just make up your own. And although Gretchen Weiners tried to make fetch happen and failed, fashion editor and author Stephanie Simons takes a stab at it in her new book, Chic-tionary.
This “little book of fashion faux-cabulary” is filled to the brim with clever and humorous words and phrases both commonly known and penned by Simons herself, particularly for those “clackers” in the fashion industry (Devil Wears Prada, anyone?). This book acts as both a guide for aspiring fashionistas to learn the lingo and gives a nod to seasoned fashion editors and bloggers alike who will certainly appreciate the tongue-in-cheek phrases and Cher Horowitz references (because, really, who doesn’t love Clueless?). Readers will also enjoy the charming illustrations of countless celebs, models, and nail polish by Malia Carter — who also worked with Simons on her last book, All’s Fair in Love and Wardrobe — scattered throughout.
From phrases like BC, which stands for “Before Carrie” à la Sex and the City (as in: “Women in New York were wearing Manolos ten thousand years BC”); prisoner of wardrobe, which is “what you become when you turn down an invitation because you have nothing to wear” (guilty!); and one I can happily endorse, Brunetiquette, “the etiquette of letting blondes believe they have more fun when that’s simply not true,” there’s tons to love, chuckle at, and enforce in daily conversation.
The perfect gift for any fashion enthusiast, be sure to purchase Chic-tionary: The Little Book of Fashion Faux-cabulary from Barnes and Noble this holiday season, and brush up on your chic speak.
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Stephanie Simons is the author of All’s Fair In Love and Wardrobe, the first dating rulebook for fashion lovers. An editorial strategist and television beauty expert based in the San Francisco Bay Area, her work has appeared in countless publications including DailyCandy, InStyle, and Cosmopolitan. She specializes in product naming and advertising campaigns for global retail brands and credits her linguistic talents to mom and dad, who made up all sorts of funny words and embarrassing nicknames for her growing up. Find her at and on twitter @lovenwardrobe.
Malia Carter is the creator of, a popular illustration blog featuring fashion and celebrities and named after her favorite ac- cessories: her freckles. Her watercolor illustrations have been featured by Teen Vogue, Kingsrowe Gallery, and numerous fashion blogs worldwide. She lives in Columbus, Ohio, where she carries her paintbrushes with her everywhere she goes. Find her at and
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Chic-tionary Review: Author biographies and book cover courtesy of Skyhorse Publishing; illustrations by Malia Carter

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