Sherri Hill Fashion Week Hair Tutorial

Sherri Hill‘s new 2015 Collection has been getting rave reviews since its presentation at The Plaza Hotel on February 19, 2015. From pink and red sweetheart ball gowns to mermaid flared skirts and white, lacy evening dresses, there was much to be coveted. Perhaps what pulled the whole collection together flawlessly was the hair, inspired by classic Hollywood glamour to compliment the romantic designs.
“I wanted to create a romantic updo using braids with a soft swirled rosette,” said Lead Stylist Tammy Mixon for BioSilk Haircare. “It was the perfect look to compliment Sherri’s 2015 collection.”
To get this look, begin by applying BioSilk Silk Therapy Lite to the ends of your hair, then sectioning off the fringe area in a triangle with a center part, clipping it back. Next, spiral curl the top of your head using DURA Chi 1″ Curling Iron and backcomb the crown area, making sure to spray the roots with BioSilk Natural Hold Hairspray for added volume.
Next, direct your hair on the left side of your head back loosely and braid a three-strand braid adding hair from the nape only. Continue through to just the center of your nape, then do the same on the right side, leaving 1-2 inches braided.
“[Be sure to] turn the braid backward in circling form, creating a rosette shape,” instructs Mixon. This step is very important to achieving that romantic look!
After securing this with pins, loosely curl the fringe area backward with the DURA CHI 1” Curling Iron, top with BioSilk Firm Hairpsray to hold, and finish by lighting spraying BioSilk Shine On for a fine polish. Then you’re set!
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Sherri Hill Fashion Week Hair Tutorial: Images courtesy of Getty. Hair tutorial by Tammy Mixon.

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