Best Foundations Under $25

Best Foundations Under $25

Cosmetics are notorious for swindling us into paying some serious bucks for the latest product. Many of us see it as a makeup investment–something that will make your lashes look longer, face look flawless, and skin look golden. However, the expenses of our splurging habits can empty our wallets. Paying up to $50 or more for a product that is supposedly going to make you look and feel younger isn’t something we can do everyday. We have other grown-up expenses, of course! Luckily for us, there are cosmetics out there that won’t have us cracking open our piggy banks anytime soon. You’ll be able to save more money and still look beautiful with these four foundations under $25 we found!

Just because a product isn’t expensive or high in price doesn’t mean it isn’t of substantial quality. There are always cosmetics that we may really want but can’t always afford. You can still have the same set, long wear, and color as many of the pricey foundations you see, such as with MAC or Makeup For Ever, but at a much more affordable price. We researched the best affordable foundations out there that can be found at your local drugstores. Take a look at our exceptional list down below!


(Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Stick, $8.99,

Maybelline’s Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Stick is original and unique in its design, being that it isn’t a liquid foundation at all. Instead, it takes the shape of a stick with a shine free formula that is easy to glide on and blend over your skin. Once applied, it quickly turns your skin into a matte surface that is free from oil. It’s a definite go-to foundation when you’re in a rush. All you have to do is apply a few dabs onto the main points of your skin with this creamy, gel-stick formula and, you’re ready to go.


(L’Oréal True Match Super Blendable Makeup, $10.95,

The True Match line of L’Oréal is a collection that has stayed true to its name–it matches the shade of your skin. The makeup’s formula is created with True Match technology to provide coverage that can easily build up and even out your skin tone. It is not made with oils, pore-clogging components, or fragrances, which makes it sensitive to and safe on many skin types. Its soft texture is filled with Vitamins A and C as well, making it healthy and nourishing while sitting on your skin.


(Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Makeup, $6.59,

Nearly Naked can sound a bit risque in our minds, but Revlon’s Nearly Naked Makeup is all about highlighting your beautiful skin. Its buildable coverage helps even and balance out your skin tone without it appearing unauthentic or caked on. The smooth and creamy texture allows you to blend it well over your skin, covering up any flaws, while still maintaining your natural skin tone.

(Neutrogena SkinClearing Liquid Makeup, $11.99,

Keeping your skin healthy and thriving underneath makeup isn’t a fairytale anymore. Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil-Free foundation is one-of-a-kind: it’s the first and only product on the market with MicroClear technology. It is able to treat blemishes and even prevent breakouts while it sits on your skin. Can you say miracle worker? The technology also rids your skin of oil while unclogging pores, thanks to the boost of the salicylic acid within it. Your skin will not only be covered but may even clear up while you wear this helpful foundation.

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