Report Shows Black Investors Are Laying The Foundation For A More Inclusive VC Industry, But They Could Use Some Help

Furthermore, BLCK VC’s 2022 report showed Black investors left their firms or launched their own funds to achieve partner status at an increasing rate.

However, in its 2023 report, it decided to “look at these trends across varied career paths of Black investors to offer a more nuanced picture of the existing barriers.”

That said, within the past year, 57.5 percent of the sample has been promoted from analyst and associate positions while 42.5 percent have not, signaling a “positive trend” for those at the junior level.

Courtesy of BLCK VC

“It is crucial to acknowledge that most investors in our sample have yet to be promoted within their firms at all. This suggests that Black investors often leave their firms in search of advancement, underscoring the need for clear career advancement paths and leadership development opportunities for Black investors within
venture firms,” BLCK VC’s report reads.

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