Jalen Rose Partners With Pepsi’s STARRY To Give $50K To The University Of Utah’s Black Culture Center

Jalen Rose loves the kids.

Many people may know the former NBA star by his noteworthy career on the court and as a member of the NCAA squad coined the “Fab Five.” But the current ESPN sports analyst is more than his previous work in the NBA.

Already reported by AfroTech, Rose opened a tuition-free school that offers its students post-graduation support, a concept the Detroit native firmly believes in.

“I feel like the eight most important years of a young person’s life are the four that they’re in high school or the four that they could be in college,” Rose said in a “Earn Your Leisure” interview at the time.

Rose is doubling down on this concept during the most recent NBA All-Star weekend with a partnership with STARRY, a new lemon-lime soda from Pepsi Co.

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