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Wrené Comes Undone in New Single, “Unravel”


December 11, 2020 (New York, NY): With the release of her latest single, “Unravel”, Wrené bares her soul in a stripped-down, yet weighty vocal performance. Inspired by a relationship that left Wrené tragically unfulfilled, the track tells a story of unrequited love that is both thoughtful and raw. 

“To ‘Unravel’ is to let go of the tension that keeps us bound in our anxiety. In my particular circumstance, I felt that I was deeply entangled in a love that wasn’t being reciprocated. I fell for somebody who could not reach the same depth of passion and I became very lonely and dishonest within the relationship. I had emotional needs that could not be tended to, and this filled me with shame. Once I left, I still held onto a lot of these insecurities. In order to free myself from the entanglement I was in, I needed to express myself honestly – then came this song.” – Wrené

The song depicts the heartbreak that comes with strained relationships, the ones that only seem to take and never give. Wrené’s emotional despair comes through in her mellow vocals, which are set to an ambient instrumental and beat. The resonant sound of “Unravel” comes as a collaborative effort: Wrené created the music and lyrics herself while Joash Mendoza produced and Bernie Cisternas mixed the track.

Through her unconventional song structure and experimentalism, Wrené mends the line between reality and surrealism in her music. She is an actor, poet, and vocalist fluent in many singing techniques. Wrené brings a unique sound to life through unorthodox musical arrangements and haunting vocal performance. Each song presents a story highlighted by the addition of foley sounds, original samples, and subliminal messages. The integration of Pop melodies, Avant-garde instrumentation, and soulful vocals lend themselves to an ethereal soundscape, where the counterpoints of beauty and darkness coalesce.
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