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Electro-Pop Darling CAPPA Teases New EP

Carla Cappa, aka electro-pop darling CAPPA teases new EP with her debut singles “Change My Mind” and “There With You Baby“. The Philadelphia native shares a new video as she prepares for the drop of her next EP. The artist’s hypnotic vocals pair well with her sought-after songwriter skills and hit TV shows like Riverdale and Alone Together feature her music. Every track she works on creates dance worthy nights. Fans can anticipate the release of her feel-good EP this summer.

Cliché Mag: What was the inspiration behind “There With You Baby”?

CAPPA: “There With You Baby” is about going into a new relationship and knowing that it may be a bad idea. It could combust at any moment but you go for it regardless. 

What was the experience like creating your upcoming summer EP?

With my previous EPs, I’ve sad down and kind of laid out all of the songs, but I approached it a little differently on my upcoming EP. I basically just consistently wrote songs over the course of 6 months and then picked my favorites. I liked this process a lot better. It felt a lot less contrived. I just put out the songs that I like now.

Talk about your songwriting process.

I usually start with a concept or idea and bring it into a session. Then, the producer will start a track idea and we’ll go from there. I usually bring a few reference song ideas into it so we have an idea as to what to aim for.

How have you changed as an artist since your breakout song “Hush” in 2015?

I didn’t really know what I was doing back then but I kind of liked it better. I just made songs with my friends because it was fun. I think the music industry is just a mess right now as it’s so overly saturated. Back then it was just easier to make music with friends and have it gain traction. Now it takes much more than a song just being good — do you have a label? Money to promote the project? Know people at streaming services? It’s just a whole trickier and sketchier ball game!

Who would most like to work with on a new track?

Pharrell Williams! 

What do you hope to accomplish this year that your fans can look forward to?

I was really hoping to get out and do small tours and shows. I’m not exactly sure what that will look like right now, but I would love to start actually meeting fans and playing live more. It may just be something that will have to wait until 2021 though!

How do you see the current state of the world impacting the music industry? Do you see it impacting your own work?

Yeah, it has definitely had an impact already. A lot of people are out of jobs. A lot of the stuff I had going on sort of went into a halt for a while. Very few industries weren’t affected by it. I’m just trying to maintain a positive attitude and know that the whole world is going through it together!


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