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6 Trendy Stress-Relieving Techniques That Will Help you Survive the Week

stress-relieving techniques

Here are 6 trendy stress-relieving techniques that will help you survive the week. The week. There are numerous memes and TikTok videos making fun about how we all hate the week. The stress triggers the names of the days in the week brings to our minds when we just think about them, and that is even before we look into our to-do lists. Thankfully, there are some trendy stress-relieving techniques available to help you survive the week with some (if not all) of your sanity intact (hopefully). In this blog we will explore six methods to alleviate some of those stress pressing down on your shoulders. Some might not be considered extremely healthy, but if it can reduce that fatigue you are fighting against, then why not?


While you are reading the heading, you are already groaning. But how else are you going to release those intoxicating endorphins if you don’t do something to trigger this “feel-good” hormone? Tired of feeling worried and angry? Then go and do some indoor rock climbing or karate. Not only are these fun and not the normal run of the mill gym bunny activities, but karate will also teach you discipline and even self defense


This is almost an instant relaxer. We all know that lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood gives you a calming effect, so why not pop those drops in your diffuser. You can even mix it up with a bit of CBD if you are really having “one of those days”. 


stress-relieving techniquesThis one has become extremely popular in recent years and many people swear by it as a means of stress-relief. As with all things in life, not everything is created equal, so do your Googling on which types of liquid flavors are available, since some have calming effects while others can be stimulating. Lost Mary Vape has become a popular choice for anyone looking to relax after a long day. 

Reading the Good Stuff

In a world rotating on the axle of binge watching, many did forget the stress relieving qualities that comes with reading a book. Paperback, hardcopy or ebooks – whatever suits your lifestyle! If you’re into selfgrowth, then spend your “no stress time” reading an uplifting book or even self-improvement one. But if you’re not into something heavy and just want to lose yourself in the pages, then those books that will make you blush and give you a giggle are just the thing.

The Power of Coffee

And you cannot fully appreciate those reading pages without a good cup of coffee in hand. Coffee has become the day started for most of the world population. Franchises make billions of consumers indulging in this. Consumers rushing the doors to order their perfect coffee style, all just to experience those life changing first few seconds of taking the first sip. No stress during those times! So when you’re having a stressed situation, make yourself a cuppa to destress. 

Mindfulness or Meditation

There is a reason why this ancient practice is still one of the top contenders of stress relief techniques. It’s all about clarity. First you get your breathing under control and this inturn lowers your heart rate. You start to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, but without judgments. And here is the magic of it all – you then detach from the stressful situation and take a step back! Being too close to the issue is what caused your stress. But now that you have taken a step back, you get clarity. 

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