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Top Money Making Athletes in the U.S.

Top Money Making Athletes in the U.S.

Today we want to share with you the top money making athletes in the U.S.  Only a select few hugely talented individuals make their way into professional sports. This means once you are there you have a great deal of pressure in both your playing and your private life, but you do get paid handsomely as a slight compensation for this. When I say handsomely, I mean a lot.

Not only are players now getting a huge wage set by their clubs, but endorsements, brand deals, photo shoots and creating that celebrity status which leads some to other avenues of media all add up in the bank account of professional athletes. Branding yourself once you are at the top of your sporting career is no mean feat and some big players have slid under the branding radar. However, there are numerous players who have managed to not only bank their wage but get some extra pocket money on the side.

Let’s have a look at the top money making athletes in the U.S.

Steph Curry

Top Money Making Athletes in the U.S.

Photo by Project 290 on Unsplash

Now the highest paid athlete in the NBA, Stephen Curry is competing at an unreal level and getting paid for it. He signed a 5 year deal in 2017 with the Golden State Warriors which was reported worth just over $200 million. Tied in till 2022, this talent will be sure to have a wage increase come the time to sign a new contract if he keeps performing the way he has been on the court, this has also made him a popular choice for bettors, when placing a bet make sure check the bookies reviews.

Lebron James

Known as ‘The King’, James has been the best player in the NBA league for the best part of a decade. He has risen to fame for his talent and expertise on the court where he has been head and shoulders above competitors. This has granted him a wage in excess of $600 million over his playing years! What’s more, Lebron is a huge ambassador for Nike and many other big name brands such as McDonalds and Coca Cola which has seen his brand exposure worth more than $1 billion. James has remained in touch with his roots however, and continues to campaign against injustices and discrimination in America.

Michael Jordan

Top Money Making Athletes in the U.S.

Photo by AJ Nakasone on Pexels

Whilst his playing days are long gone, Michael Jordan’s brand and exposure lives on very prominently. His own brand of clothing is a staple fashion product and found in shopping malls across the country. On top of this his celebrity status transversed media into acting with the Space Jam and more recently his biographic tale which surrounded the epic Chicago Bulls team he led to victory in the 90s, The Last Dance on Netflix hitting high viewing rates. His brands that have continued with him off the field are said to be worth around $1.7 Billion in worth, nothing short of staggering.

Alex Rodriguez

You would be surprised if this man stepped back into a baseball diamond again as he has now retired from the game, but during his playing career Rodriguez amounted more than $400 million playing wages – the most in the history of the MLB. The shortstop was a talent on the field but also has gone on to have a partnership with J-LO, inspire with his philanthropy and create further brand exposure. He has crossed the realm from sportsman to celebrity as only a handful really do.

Tiger Woods

The best golfer of the current generation and a legend of the game has been hampered recently by bad injury and private life issues but following a long hiatus to sort this out, Tiger went on to win the 2019 Masters and bag himself a 15th major. Having been with Nike all his days he has a huge brand deal with them and endorses games, adverts and other brands alike. Although he has suffered setbacks with his sporting career, he has not had setbacks in his bank which will look pretty healthy with over a billion being made in his career. 

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