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7 Great Sources for Finding the Best Coupons

What if you could save money with the click of a button?  When most of us imagine “coupons,” we imagine grandma cutting out paper coupons from the Sunday morning newspaper.  However, modern times are upon us now and coupons are available in convenient digital formats.  Stores love them as much as we do.  Wondering where to get coupons online?  Keep reading to discover 7 great sources for finding the best coupons!

7 great sources for finding great coupons

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Where to Get Coupons: Saving Money Your Way

We know you’re here to get the lowdown on the best coupon sources.  First, though, we need to define exactly what “coupon” means.  Today, most coupon sites and apps offer more than traditional coupons.  Typically you print them out or show a digital version and the cashier scans them when check out.  Others deals come in the form of specialized apps.  Some offer direct deals and others have unique cashback opportunities.

Finally, some coupons are exclusive to online transactions. You input a special code or offer and the amount is deducted from your overall cost instantly.  With there are many ways to save, you are sure to find a method that suits your needs and lifestyle.  In order to truly maximize your savings, we recommend using a mixture of these sites and services.  Let’s dive right in on 7 great sources for finding the best coupons.

1. Ibotta

There are many different coupon apps out there. We recommend that you try out Ibotta to see the best such apps can offer.  Within the app, you will find a variety of items that you can get at amazing prices.  Once you click on the addition sign and watch a brief video, you can add your product to the cart.

Here’s where it gets interesting. You cannot order these items from within the app. Instead, you go out to your favorite stores and make your purchases there.  Afterwards, simply scan the receipt with your app.  Ibotta will then tally up how much money you have saved.  Once you hit $20 or more, you can “cash-out” in a variety of ways. This includes receiving gift cards, Paypal payments, or Venmo payments.

7 great sources for finding the best coupons

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2. eBay

Aside from the occasional promo code, you might not associate coupons with eBay but did you know they have an entire section dedicated to coupons?  In fact, eBay has a coupon section you can tailor to your specific needs. You can start by narrowing down the list of retailers you would like to check for coupons.

Many of your favorite retailers sell directly on eBay, and you can buy in various amounts (sometimes including bulk). The site applies your coupon automatically when you check out.  You may need to explore the coupons on ebay a bit to find your favorite retailers.  Once you do, this will completely change how you shop.

3. Swagbucks

Do you like the idea of saving money in different ways?  If so, Swagbucks is the site you have been waiting for!  Online shoppers will be happy to find a number of online deals via Swagbucks. All you have to do is follow their onsite links to your favorite retailers and start saving money.

You can also earn online “Swagbucks” for doing a variety of activities. This includes printing coupons, watching videos, taking surveys and even playing games. These Swagbucks can also be redeemed for gift cards to your favorite retailers which is of course pretty awesome.  Speaking of coupons, you can even print coupons from Swagbucks and take them directly to the store.  No matter how you want to save, Swagbucks has you covered.

4. Flipp

Earlier, we mentioned grandma cutting coupons out of the Sunday paper.  What if you could enjoy those kinds of deals and more without picking up the scissors?  Flipp is an app that does a couple of different things.  First, it allows you to see the various coupons and deals that you would typically find in your local papers each week.  Second, it has a rebate option similar to Ibotta. This lets you save money and eventually cash out.  Ultimately, Flipp is a little more complex than Ibotta.  However, it is more versatile because it offers more ways to save.

5. Procter & Gamble

Want to save money on a wide variety of products?  Here’s a solution: find the retailer that sells a little bit of everything.  Procter & Gamble has a deals section that you must sign up for. After signing up, you’ll have access to both regular coupons and deals that require loyalty cards from certain stores.

More into online shopping? Their site helps you find stores that offer home delivery at a major discount. This means you can take the normal deals you find on online shopping and save even more money.

6.  Rakuten

7 great sources for finding the best coupons

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Would saving money by any other name be just as sweet?  That’s what Rakuten was formerly known as eBates. And despite the name change, it still offers the convenience and savings that you’ve been looking for.  Like others on this list, Rakuten offers multiple ways to save. First, you can get online coupons for many different retailers. Second, you can potentially get cashback on the items that you buy.

How will you know if a cashback option is available? Rakuten is available as a Chrome browser extension that automatically scans for cashback opportunities.  Finally, you can link a credit card to your Rakuten account and enjoy getting money back when you shop at your favorite retailers around the world.

7. KDeals

Ever get excited about an online coupon only to find out it doesn’t work? With KDeals, you no longer have to worry about this. When you shop at, you are getting deals brought directly to your inbox. The site will send you coupons that you can redeem at your favorite stores for instant savings.

Each coupon is checked for validity before it hits your inbox.  Plus the site can automatically notify you when you are walking close to a store that has deals available.  Online or offline, KDeals can save you hundreds throughout the year.

Saving Money, Saving Time: Get Started Now

Now you know 7 great sources for finding the best coupons.  You’ll find new things to shop for and deals to look out for

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