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How To Advertise Your Event During A Pandemic

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Today we want to show you how to advertise your event during a pandemic. While most events have been postponed at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic, some events are still going ahead, either socially distanced or online. Usually it is relatively simple to advertise an event; you can post on social media, make posters or flyers, and inform people via word of mouth.

However, during the pandemic, it has become harder to get the relevant information to the relevant people. With a flurry of online advertising campaigns as companies rush to digitize their operations, it has become difficult to stand out from the crowd when advertising your event.

In this blog you will find easy ways to stand out when advertising during the pandemic.

Get Old-Fashioned

One thing that many people forget to consider is the power of traditional methods. Making flyers or posters that advertise your event, to be posted around town, college campuses, or inside public buildings, is still a valuable form of advertising.

Online sites such as MyCreativeShop provide information on how to make a great flyer and have custom templates that can easily be modified and adapted to your brand’s needs.

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Why are old-fashioned methods particularly relevant for the pandemic? Many people are spending more time than ever online, so surely all advertising should stay digital? While it is, of course, important to advertise your event online, using posters is a unique, eye-catching way to advertise in this day and age, thus drawing more attention. Plus, it’s a cheap way to advertise, compared to PPC advertising or similar methods. 

If you want to link your poster or flyer to further information online, make a QR code to include in the poster! This way, anyone who is interested can find out further information by simply scanning their smartphone.

Use Trendy Designs

As we move through the years, popular forms of digital marketing come and go. Infographics are the name of the game right now; you’ll see them all over Instagram if you search popular accounts that gain followers each day.

It is super important to pay attention to the kind of digital marketing that is getting a response right now – and emulate it. Perhaps consider outsourcing your digital marketing of an event to a company that uses these modern methods to entice a younger audience, if that’s what you are looking for!

Lay Out Your COVID-19 Safety Procedures

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If your event is going ahead in-person, it is very important to ensure you are keeping people safe. Most people will want to avoid in-person gatherings for obvious reasons, so as the organizer, it is absolutely crucial to lay out your COVID-19 safety plans when advertising the event.

You don’t have to make this serious or dull – you could even make it fun. Asking all guests to bring their most colorful mask, for example, enforces a mask rule while making it part of the fun event dress code. 

Similarly, you could provide branded masks and/or gloves at your event, so that it is easy for everyone to access these things while making it part of the fun!

Final Thoughts

If you are trying to come up with innovative ways to advertise an event during the pandemic, these helpful tips will light the way to success!

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