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Great Gifts to Get Your Dad for Father’s Day

Great Gifts to Get Your Dad for Father's Day

We are just a few business days from Father’s Day—Sunday, June 17—which means you will hear your old man say he doesn’t need or want anything for his special day. Yeah, it’s likely that he has it all anyway. So, what do you get your dad, who deserves everything, that will sweep him off his feet and put a smile on his face? Something quirky, out of the box and completely unexpected. Alright, here are some great gifts to get your father for Father’s Day that will blow his mind.


 New Balance Men’s ‘990’ Running Shoes ($164.95 at

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Every cool father deserves a comfortable fit and some hot kicks. These pair of shoes, originally released in 1990, were originally the first “cool” sneakers priced over $100. Today, they are still made in the U.S. and has dad written all over those shoes. I am sure he will get a laugh out of seeing those nifty shoes. Mark my words.



Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical  ($349 at

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We all know dad works his tail off to support the family and is always busy at work. When does he have the time for his own activities? He doesn’t. That’s why you can bring the gym to him with an under-the-desk elliptical machine that will let him discreetly get his workout in.


Goby All-Black Brush Kit ($60-75 at

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Talk about this. Your dad won’t have to use the same toothbrush head on repeat anymore with this electric Goby toothbrush subscription service. Plus, when it looks this sleek, he’ll feel like Bruce Wayne brushing his teeth. Damn. You know he will just love it.


Logitech Harmony Ultimate One Touch Screen Universal Remote ($114.95 at

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Who are you kidding? When your dad gets home from a hard day’s work, all he wants to do is eat dinner, watch television, and go to sleep. So why not freshen things up with a universal Logitech control that does it all. Really? Yes, this device connects to all the devices in your house and even to your Smartphone. Wow!


Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set ($99.99 at

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Does your dad think he knows it all and can fix anything in the house? Okay, perfect! Coolest. Gift. Ever. If your dad reminds you of powerful Thor when he tightens up screws and hammers nails into the wall, this might be the best gift for him. The 44-piece toolset comes perfectly organized in a toolbox that looks just like Thor’s hammer.



Saturdays NYC Cash Half Zip Wallet ($100 at

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If your dad happens to always lose coins when he pulls something out of his pocket, well, say no more! Now, he needs a cash wallet with a zipper, which is the perfect spot to stash his loose coins and cash. There you go.


 Lacoste Men’s Fraiser Sandals ($29.99-69.99 at

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Look at these sick sandals. I bet your dad would fall in love with these. Don’t you think he needs something cool to wear when he shuffles down the driveway to pick up the newspaper? For sure.


Personalized Whiskey Barrel ($49.95-149.95 at

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Your dad deserves a break. So why not help him out at making his own whiskey this year? When he succeeds, he’ll have a totally unique dispenser for the finished product.


Randolph Aviator Sunglasses ($219 at

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Save the best for last. If your dad thinks he’s the definition of “cool”, then get him a pair of aviator sunglasses to polish off his look. These sunglasses are perfect for days out in the sun whether you’re at a picnic or walking through the city. 


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