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Milq and Honey House of Fashion, Health and Beauty caters to inner beauty and outer beauty. The Davids sisters opened the beauty spa, health kitchen, and clothing boutique to empower women by making them feel beautiful and promote a healthy lifestyle. Gabriella and Kelly Davids live by the philosophy of, “Keep dreaming and dream big. It does come true!” Cliché caught up with the sisters to discuss their new SS14 collection and Africa-Malaysia Fashion Week.

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The Davids sisters

Cliché: What inspired you to start Milq and Honey?
Kelly Davids:
Milq and Honey House of Fashion, Health and Beauty is a reflection of our lifestyle and taste for life. When our late mother Tamara Davids passed away three years ago, she inspired us to make sure we live life to the fullest and follow our passion. Gabriella Davids, the managing director, is a former international model and was featured in campaigns for major companies and brands all around the world. I am the creative director, and I fell in love with fashion design when I bought my first sewing machine and started making my own clothing. We are both vegetarians and only use 100% organic products.

Milq and Honey is a spa, organic kitchen, and clothing line. How do you juggle all three?
Gabriella heads the beauty spa and organic kitchen and has the most amazing team that she works with. I head the fashion with my beautiful and creative team. However, Gabriella and I come together when it comes to any decision making in the beauty, health, and fashion department. Gabriella and I jumped into the deep end of the sea with regards to starting a business and managing people. Two years later, we still learn every day and every second! We are so grateful for our father, Gerald Davids, who is a successful business man who guides and walks with us every step of the way.

Milq and Honey is centered around celebrating women. How does your clothing encourage women?
When I create and design any garment, I have a healthy and confident female’s body, silhouette,  and form in mind. I design for confident and healthy women simply because that’s what I want to promote and encourage. Our garments are made of bold patterns and colors, and you have to be confident in order to wear it. There is nothing sexier than a confident, healthy woman.

What was the inspiration behind your SS14 collection?
When we create a collection, my sister and I do our research on location. For our SS14 collection, we were inspired by Morocco. We explored and drew inspiration from the markets, the architecture, the cultures, the flora and fauna, the tastes and smells.

 Why do you think it is important to have a fashion show that showcases African and Malaysian fashion?
I feel that the world’s eyes focus on European and American designers as the trendsetters in fashion. By encouraging and showcasing African and Malaysian designers, we promote and expose the amazing talent that we have and by doing so, trends are set by us.
Milq and Honey Interview “Flowing With Milq and Honey Designs” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s June/July 2014 issue. 
All images are courtesy of Milq and Honey

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