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How to Wear Bracelets: A Guide for Women

how to wear bracelets

Did you know that archeologists found a carbon bracelet in Denisova Cave, Altai Mountains that was made around 40,000 years ago? If you are getting more into fashion and are curious about styling bracelets to be more stylish, you are in the right place. We have put together the guide below to share how to wear bracelets. Read on to learn our top tips when choosing bracelet options.

Consider Colors

When you are choosing which bracelets to wear, take colors into consideration. Not only the color of the bracelets but also the color of your clothing. For example, silver bracelets for women or bangle silver bracelets will add subtle sophistication to any look, no matter how simple the look is. 

Or, if you opt to wear bracelets that have gemstones, consider wearing clothing that matches that color gemstone. 

Mix and Match

Believe it, or not, less is usually more when it comes to wearing bracelets. Sometimes wearing too many can make your outfit look a bit tacky. It is ok to mix and match a few distinct pieces, though, without overdoing it. 

For example, you can wear a yellow gold bracelet alongside a rose gold bracelet and they will complement each other. 

Beads Are an Option

If you’re not really a fan of beads, it might be time to give beads a chance. They are a fun accessory and are not only meant for kids. You can opt for a bracelet made with neutral beads or wear stacked beaded bracelets for more of a boho-chic look.

Comfort Is Your Friend

how to wear bracelets

Photo by sweetlouise on Pixabay

Another tip is to select a bracelet that is not uncomfortable. For example, you don’t want something too large that gets caught on everything. Too large of a bracelet will also look too clunky or too much, no matter how pretty it might be.

You also don’t want a bracelet that is so tight, it feels like it’s cutting off your circulation. Measure your wrist before ordering a bracelet online to ensure it is the right fit when you receive it. 


Our last tip is to consider the environment you will be in. For example, if you are going to a formal event then you want a bracelet that complements your outfit, but doesn’t distract. 

If your bracelets are for use while you’re at work, then you want a design that doesn’t get in the way of your work and that doesn’t distract you or your coworkers if it jingles. For those going to a nice romantic dinner or a celebration, don’t be afraid to wear an attention-grabbing chunky bracelet to enjoy all the attention it brings. 

Now You Know How to Wear Bracelets

After reading our short guide above about how to wear bracelets, you can make better-informed decisions next time you’re accessorizing. The key is to make sure you stay true to your style and who you are. 

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