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Multipurpose Fashion A Company 2020 collection

A Company spring/summer 2020 collection

A Company has released its spring/summer 2020 collection. It is a carefully designed collection meant to enhance the bodies beauty. This collection is more than what meets the eye. A Company has used less tailoring and more draping detail to create minimalist fashion that you can wear as is or alter yourself into multipurpose fashion.

Multipurpose fashion

A Company spring/summer 2020 collection

What does the collection look like?

The garments created in this collection are meant to softly caress the body. Therefore emphasizing the bodies natural beauty. The colors used are black, white, and brown. The small pops of color that are used (like blue) are gentle and quiet. The deconstructed style in this collection is genius for those who are minimalist, you are presented with a garment that compliments your beauty and that compliments who you are naturally.

How can this collection be used as multipurpose fashion?

Although A Company collection caters to minimalist. They also cater to those who need multipurpose fashion. Being able to wear the same outfit with minimal change of accessories make for a seamless day full of looks. With a quick switch of shoes and a pair of sunglasses, you can go from making a fashion statement on the streets to a bold impression in the office.

Example of multipurpose fashion garment.

Also, one of the dresses featured in this collection is a reconstructed white shirt. This garment features a high low sheath silhouette with pleating and draping detail. Although this shirt was reconstructed to look like an effortlessly stylish dress. This style is what makes this dress perfect for day or night.

What their collection says as a whole. 

In conclusion, the new spring/summer 2020 collection from A Company reflects today’s fashion. Fashion is more than one look, it is a lifestyle and A Company made that prominent in their collection.

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