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6 Unique Activewear Trends to Try in 2018

Activewear Trends have taken modern fashion by storm recently. Instagram feeds are filled with models and beauty bloggers donning the latest in leggings and sports bras. Gone are the days of simple, limited athleticwear selections in one style and color.

Today, there are more choices than ever for active women looking to express themselves while they get fit. With so many new choices, it can be overwhelming to find the best styles and trends. The latest looks are inspired by past decades and street fashion! Some of these runway ready looks might surprise you! Here are six unique activewear trends to spruce up your workout wardrobe with.

1. Oversized Sweatshirts

Oversized sweatshirts become fashionable in late 2016 and they haven’t slowed down since. These oversized outfits are highly comfortable, and they offer great flexibility and absorption for a variety of different activities like yoga and pilates. If you’re unsure how to style an oversized sweater, stick with neutral colors with subtle embellishments. Pair a large sweater with a funky print legging for a fun, active look!

2. Open Back Shirts

Cut-outs and open-backs have made a comeback. These open back shirts are as functional as they are fashionable. The open style allows for more breathability and they are a great option for women who prefer to work out outside in warmer climates. There are a lot of fun designs and intricate options that go beyond styles of the past when it comes to cut-out designs.

3. Bomber Jackets

While you might not consider bomber jackets to be workout wear, they have actually come a long way. Bomber jackets are being introduced in breathable, sweat-friendly materials which makes them a great choice for winter months. Long gone are the days of ugly zip-up jackets for active women! Active bomber jackets were everywhere on and off the runway this fall! Pair your bomber jacket with a fun legging print to show off your fashion sense!

4. Tropical Prints

You might have noticed the abundance of floral prints on your Instagram feed, and there’s a reason this trend is taking off. Women’s activewear used to come exclusively in black and neutral colors. While black is certainly slimming, it can get a little bit boring. Designers and trendsetters began experimenting with new styles and patterns for activewear and thus the tropical print was born. These upbeat prints introduce a new element of fun and can make a big statement.

5. Custom Sports Apparel

Sometimes, designer brands and styles aren’t enough to fully express yourself. Custom apparel used to be limited to regular street clothes, but now it’s available in a variety of athletic wear options from jackets to sweatpants. Your company devised a marketing plan where they decided to make a statement by customizing their sports apparel and used services of Brand RPM to add the company’s logo to a variety of athletic wear they gave to their employers. Such stylish customized sports apparel shouldn’t be limited to sport activities your company organizes. You can wear these stylish customized Under Armour, Patagonia or Adidas sweats any time of the day.

6. Vintage Apparel

Like a blast from the past, 70’s and 80’s style fashion are all the rage with current activewear. You might want to raid your local vintage stop or your mom’s closet for some retro athletic clothes that are on-trend this season. You’ll see retro influence in the big numbers stitched onto sweatshirts and striped leggings. Don’t be afraid to embrace these hip styles, it seems like they’re here to stay!

Activewear Trends

More and more women are using activewear to express themselves! It doesn’t matter if you’re into yoga or marathon running, these styles are as functional as they are fashionable. Now is the best time to experiment with different styles and trends outside of your comfort zone. With street and retro inspired looks, there is something for every taste!
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