The Beanie: A Fall Must-Have


Fall is in the air, and the must-have accessory for the season is the beanie. Now, the beanie has always been around—lurking in the background on modern hipsters, rock gods and skateboarders. But this year, the knitted hat is making its mark on the fashion world.

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I truly believe that beanies are an accessory that everyone needs to try at least once. It may seem uncomfortable at first, a bit unorthodox with your everyday wear, but worn correctly, the piece can really draw positive attention to your outfit. Contrary to popular belief, one doesn’t really have to “dress down” to sport the cap.

Option 1: Simple

Sport a slouch beanie with your favorite V-neck and boots. Fall is the perfect season to begin experimenting with this trend, the cool air providing a perfect excuse to start sporting the beanie and boots together. You can mix and match solid colors between your beanie and your shirt to create contrast, or even wear a patterned beanie to make it the focal point. Let your hair fall naturally for a laid-back look.

Option 2: Grunge/ Urban

Pair your favorite, bold colored beanie with a pair of harlem pants and tee or sweater. You can glam this look up with heels to match the hat, or keep it retro with some high tops. Coordinate the color of the cap with something else in your outfit, whether it be the shoes, script on the tee or even some colored bangle bracelets.

Option 3: Preppy

Layer a sweater over a button-up and add a knitted beanie for some spunk. With some stressed, straight leg jeans and a pair of simple heels or combat boots, this look is sure to make a statement on campus. For a nerdier appeal, add some faux thick-rimmed glasses. Curl the ends of your hair for a subtle, pretty effect.

Whatever style you choose, make sure that it suits you, especially if you’ve never tried to wear a beanie before. It may seem different, so you want an outfit you can really feel comfortable in to even it out. Get creative with it and mix and match pieces to make your own individual look! Once you figure it out, odds are you’re going to get hooked on this trend. Soon enough, you will have a beanie for every look!


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