9 Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

Traveling for work may sound like a dream, but it’s a reality for several different careers. If you’ve got wanderlust and want to travel while you work, there are many careers that will let you do both. Discover nine different jobs that all travel lovers should consider:

Travel Nurse

Pack up your nursing scrubs and hit the road as a travel nurse. Both domestic and international travel nursing opportunities are available for experienced nurses with the right skills and specialties. Domestic assignments can last anywhere from 8 to 24 weeks, with an average of 13 weeks (and some facilities may give you the option to extend your contract if you really love working there). If you’re wondering how to become a travel nurse, most facilities require you to have at least a few years of experience, so you’ll need to earn your nursing degree, get your license, and work a regular nursing gig for a little while before you can make the leap. But if you’re already working as a nurse, this could be a great career change for you.

Travel nursing provides nurses with unprecedented flexibility in terms of working hours as well as having the opportunity to gain experience working in different medical sites and locations. If you want to explore different hospital settings and acquire practical knowledge while enjoying a challenging yet rewarding career path, then travel nursing will be the right career choice for you. You can explore different international or local travel nursing job opportunities in the nursing-focused job posting websites like Nurses PRN or NursEmp.

Pilot and Flight Attendant

As a pilot or airline attendant, you’ll fly all over the world and get great discounts whenever you travel for fun. Becoming an airline transport pilot requires a lot of training, testing, and certification, but it’s a career like no other, and the pay can be very lucrative (sometimes greater than six figures a year). Becoming a flight attendant has fewer barriers to entry: you need a high school diploma (or the equivalent) and customer service experience. This job is a great fit for social people who love working with others, remain calm under pressure, and thrive in new experiences.



You can make a lot of money and see the world by becoming a consultant. Most consultants at major firms travel onsite to be with the client for the length of the engagement, which can last weeks or months. Some independent consultants also book short-term gigs that allow them to travel around every few days, seeing more locations and expanding their network. Over time, most consultants develop deep expertise in specific areas and travel around the country or world as needed. However, there are entry-level positions available for college grads that will help you figure out what area you might be able to specialize in.


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English Teacher

If you’ve always wanted to teach English, there are many chances to do it abroad. With English becoming a more dominant global language, many other countries want their citizens to be able to converse in it as a second language. This is a particularly great job for recent college graduates who want to do some traveling before taking on a real job, but need to make money in the meantime. You’ll need to complete a teaching course, earn your teaching certificate, and choose a country that you’d like to live in (most assignments last at least a year). You might also need to demonstrate a certain level of familiarity with the host country’s native language.


International Aid Worker

There are many opportunities to travel abroad as part of either a government program or an independent non-profit. Perhaps the most well-known opportunity is the Peace Corps, a volunteer program run by the U.S. government, but there are many other programs out there, some with special focuses such as healthcare or literacy. If you have more of a political bent, you can also become a Foreign Service worker, interacting with foreign governments on behalf of your home country.


Athletic Recruiter

If you love both sports and traveling, becoming an athletic recruiter might be the perfect job for you. Athletic recruiters for both colleges and professional sports teams travel around to other schools, vetting for potential talent and deciding who to recruit for their team. Most traveling is done domestically, but there may be international opportunities for certain professional sports leagues, such as the NBA, that recruit from other countries.


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Event Planner

If you love planning parties, you might be able to make it a career by becoming an event planner. Besides coordinating the logistics, event planners also travel around to select sites for the event. You can keep it local or regional by going into business for yourself or working for a smaller company. There may also be opportunities for national or international travel if you join a larger corporation. Whether you thrive on intimate weddings or large trade shows, there’s an event planning niche for you.


Retail Buyer

Have you ever wondered who decides what products end up on the shelves of your favorite stores? That’s the job of retail buyers, who plan, select, and buy merchandise for a retail establishment’s resale purposes. They make sure the product mix remains competitive and negotiate business deals. Many retail buyers travel all over to meet with vendors and build client relationships, making this a great career option for anyone who loves both merchandising and being on the road.


Translator and Interpreter

If you’re fluent in a different language (or two, or three, or four!) becoming a translator can be a great way to leverage your skills in order to travel. Translators might work with everyone from everyday tourists to international diplomats. Translators need to commit to intensive study in both languages, get specialized training, earn their certifications, and educate themselves on industry-specific terms. But for those with a facility for languages, this can be a very rewarding and exciting career.

If you’ve always wanted to travel for your job, you can make that dream a reality with these nine careers. And with many more companies offering remote work and flexible schedules, there are opportunities that go far beyond this list. Don’t wait for the right moment —  if you’re a travel lover, seize the day and look for a job that will give you the lifestyle you want!

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