5 Biggest Fall-Winter 2020 Boots Trends

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Today we want to share the 5 biggest fall-winter 2020 boots trends.  A new set of leather boots has always been a great way to get ready for those colder months, but 2020 is certainly unique. With fewer chances to get out and show off your favorite Fall and Winter outfits (at least we’ll always have the socially distant walk in the park), you’ve got to make every appearance count. 

That said, 2020s Fall and Winter styles have struck a nice balance between practicality and style, great news for most of us. So even if your hesitation on getting a stylish new pair of boots is that you need something to handle rain and snow on the daily, you’ve got options.

Who set the boots trend this year?

Winter 2020 Boots Trends

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Despite all of the issues racking the fashion industry from closing physical stores to supply chain issues, most of the big players still showed off their Fall/Winter 2020 collections around the world. For boots, specific trends have their own fashion houses backing them. Italian designers like Valentino, Versace, Bottega, and Prada are pushing chunkier rubber boots while a mix of French and Italian designers have also reveled in chains and other embellishments.

The contemporary European designers

This year we’re looking to contemporary European designers for our Fall/Winter 2020 inspiration. Houses like Ivylee Copenhagen have put out collections that take just the right amount of inspiration from the big trends while also sticking to what makes them unique. Put simply, they’re combining the classic with the contemporary with outstanding results. For millennials, there’s no denying the touch of nostalgia and excitement that’s coming with this year’s crop of boots.

Revival of the classics

Without a doubt we’re seeing a lot of timeless styles mix with revitalized 90s trends like chunky boots and chunky jewelry (seeing a pattern?) The good news is, contemporary designers have gone for a more subtle approach, throwing around clever nods designed to have more staying power than the more in-your-face trends which inspired them.

All of this is great news if you’re not the kind of person who buys for every season’s trends. Designers are adapting to the practical needs hammering the world in 2020 while maintaining their style edge and we couldn’t be happier about it.

The biggest boots trends in 2020

Let’s get into why you’re really here, the 5 trends you should be focusing on this season whether you’re looking for a fresh update or to invest in something timeless. Somehow, despite all of its challenges, the industry has not disappointed with its latest batch of women’s boots.

1. The chunky boots

Winter 2020 Boots Trends

Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels

We’re coming up on the 3rd year of the chunky sneaker trend and far from diminishing, it’s expanding into boots. Designers are doing everything from mixing chunky elements into elegant high heels or unabashedly embracing the ruggedness, utility, and outright fun of the style. Some of the more out there designs are going for something reminiscent of a combat boot, something fun we can definitely get behind.

The good news here is that this year’s crop of largely rubber chunky boots are ideal for handling bad weather or doing nothing but showing off indoors. Whether you want something streamlined, reminiscent of classic New England duckboots, or completely over-the-top, there’s a chunky boot out there for you.

2. The riding boots

Riding boots are also offering some refreshing variety this year. Some are taking inspiration from their chunkier cousins while others are simply updating classic looks. Frankly, some of the best of the bunch are striking a perfect balance between the two. Even if you’ve never set food on a horse farm, if you’re a fan of knee-highs and timeless designs, this is a trend worth getting onboard with.

3. The platforms

Winter 2020 Boots Trends

Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels

If you’re intrigued by the chunky boot and sneaker trend but unsure about its staying power, platform boots offer the perfect compromise. This year we’re seeing clean lines, mixing leather and rubber along some more punk-inspired options reminiscent of 90s fashion trends. So if you want a heeled boot with a bit of lift that’s not going to look dated next year, platforms are a smart way to go.

4. The western boots

Before you think to yourself “oh absolutely not, I am not wearing ‘cowboy boots’ this season” hold off your judgement. This is actually a more subtle trend because we’re seeing elements from classic western boot styles incorporated into everything from riding boots to chunky platforms.

Instead of outright crazy long-toes, flashy colors, or over-the-top stitching, this season’s western-inspired boots use clean and subtle stitching lines to evoke those classic looks in something more like an homage. Translation: people might not even realize your boots are western-inspired, but they will detect some serious style.

5. The chain details

While most of these style trends focus on very clean lines which emphasize materials and craftsmanship over extraneous additions, chains bridge these two trends in a way that just works. They can bring just the right amount of chunky fun to an otherwise serious boot, adding some visual interest and contrasting material to any number of classic leather boots we’re seeing this season.

In other words, that chunky chain jewelry you’ve been into since the 90s but maybe forgot in a drawer somewhere is back in style whether it’s on your wrist, around your neck, or gracing your latest pair of boots.

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