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Fever Joy Lets You Know You’re Not Alone In Their New EP, “Reflections”

Following a chance encounter at an open mic night, Fever Joy was born, comprised of band mates Avery and Tean. Fueled by an intense desire to portray music with raw honesty (and a few beers) the duo set out to create Reflections, an unapologetic examination of some of life’s most painful moments – experiences that we all share. They hope that fans will come away feeling a sense of connection and community while being inspired to conquer their fears. Catch Fever Joy in LA headlining School Night on Oct. 14th and listen to their song “Done Dreaming” HERE.

Cliché: How did you two meet?

Fever Joy: Both of us were headed to the same open mic night. Avery had been performing there regularly and we had both been looking to start a band. Tean approached me and we setup a band practice shortly after.

 You were initially both pursuing music separately. Why did you decide to team up?

We had an intuitive feeling and understanding that we would be able to translate each other’s emotions into music and lyrics. Our vision has been to create very raw, and open messages, and once we realized we were on the same page, we knew we should be in a band together.

What’s the meaning behind your name, Fever Joy?

We wanted juxtaposing elements to represent how we view life. We are very interested in the Yin and Yang. Avery has yin and yang rings that she wears every day, and because this band is so integral to our own personal growth, we wanted to incorporate this worldview of balance into the band as well…mixing Fever with Joy; Fever Joy was born. 

Talk about your new EP, Reflections. You’ve said that it’s about the experiences that shape you as a person. What made you want to share those experiences with your fans?

Everyone deserves the opportunity to relate to someone else, and everyone needs to know that they are not alone in what they are going through/have gone through. It’s honesty to a core. One of our songs took buying a twelve-pack of beer, Avery counseling Tean through a terrible heartbreak, allowing the tears to flow, taking breaks because honesty is really hard, and just baring our all to formulate something beautiful out of the pain. Opening windows into our own life experiences, and creating space and opportunity for everyone to connect is a huge motivator for us in being as honest as we possibly can be.

You’ve also said that you wanted to remove the “filter” from your life experiences. Do you feel pressure to act a certain way with the spotlight on you or to try and succeed in the industry?

We’re doing our own thing, whatever pressure the industry emotes, we’re not adhering to. We have a vision that we fully believe in, and has been carefully built by the amazing team we have journeying alongside us through this industry. 

Avery spent most of her young adult life fighting to find her voice against conservative, religious and even cultural differences. The second she was able to find her platform and find confidence in her voice it was game over for anything that tried to pressure her to do something she doesn’t believe in.  

 Why do you think it’s so important to be authentic and honest?

It’s essential. Our society needs it and deserves it. We’re creating an environment where people can freely express themselves. We’re encouraging people to use the voice they have when they believe in something. There’s some scary parts of our modern society, and it’s our desire to start a movement and community of love, trust and understanding. Instead of being frustrated that society has negative aspects interlaced within it, we’re stepping up and to bring hope to those negative places.

How do you hope that your fans will connect with your music?

I hope that they’ll hear our music and become inspired to create, move, heal, relate, love and that it gives them the courage to do something they were afraid of doing before. We don’t view our music and our fans as two separate entities… if they can connect with our music on a level that inspires positive change, we’ve accomplished what we are here to do.

Any new gigs coming up?

October 14th we are headlining School Night! It’s been a dream of ours since we moved to LA, and we go to them almost every Monday night. We also have a few dates on the Icon For Hire tour coming up in November! As far as 2020 we are planning on being on the road touring full time playing both in the U.S. and overseas. 

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Fever Joy Lets You Know You’re Not Alone In Their New EP, Reflections. Photo Credit: Ben Cope.

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