Elliot Frances Flynn Feels Empowered Through Acting

Written by Ashley Castillo

Elliot Frances Flynn is an up-and-coming actress taking the acting world by her hands. Elliot has been seen in films such as a ghostly appearance in Netflix’s Things Heard & Seen, HBO acclaimed miniseries Mare of Easttown,and her debut feature film, the Smith-inspired Shoplifters of the World. The inspiration behind her craft to be in such great projects as an actress is based on her childhood, where she was obsessed with Narnia and Harry Potter and wasn’t able to visit those places, which led her to be part of that world. When she couldn’t do it for herself, she provides that for others. In addition, the desire to be in skits or read out loud in her class, be part of the community theater, and be in commercials with her sisters allowed her to have an introduction to her passion. Her parents saw the potential in her imagination, allowing her to get out of her shell.

She connects with the role she plays to think of a friend she hasn’t seen in a while and see where the character and herself connect within the middle of both. Her role of Whitney in Confession was painful due to experiencing trauma and making some difficult decisions to live with that trauma, which led her to be indecisive with sending her audition tape in, yet connecting with her was meaningful. Being surrounded by safe and caring women led her to continue being part of the project.

People like Mackenzie Davis inspire Elliot to work and be inspired by her specialty. She likes how Mackenzie connects to the character and brings a different perspective to the role, inspiring her to work with people like Amy Seimtz, Emma Seligman, and Rachel Sennott. Although Elliot is an actress, she is also a writer who creates her own work. Elliot created Confession with the experience of being part of the Me Too movement. Confession is a crime thriller that connects to the Me Too movement, allows conversations to happen, and gives itself a voice for the audience to speak up. Elliot’s passion for exploring themes of womanhood, sexuality, and coming-of-age stories makes her feel as if humans can achieve world peace or something that comes close to that. When it comes to being a woman or sexuality or the idea that comes with growing up, she’d like to do the favor of speaking up for those that are unheard or afraid to use their voice with the help of acting.

Although Elliot loves acting and everything in the particular world, she would not remove herself from that world. The upcoming project she has coming along is Unidentified Objects ,which will be in theaters on June 2nd.

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Elliot Frances Flynn Feels Empowered Through Acting. Photo Credit: Nelson N Castillo. MUA: Mia Jones. Hair: Josue Perez. Wardrobe Stylist: Szalay Miller.

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